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Our thanks to all those who already know us, thanks for the confidence you have shown over the years with our brand and for your loyalty.

In Pesquera de Duero was born in the year 2000 and following the family tradition, the new brand, its elaboration and aging of the wines of "High Expression Prios Maximus".

Félix de los Ríos, its founder and innovator and perfectionist, is a clear example of the passion for land and wine, bringing to market in 2003 his first broth.

The privileged location of the vineyards, in the heart of the Ribera del Duero, with such harsh winters and hot summers, makes the ideal climate for this native variety of grapes that gives us prestige throughout the world.

The commitment with our clients is to elaborate our wines following the guidelines that were inherited from the family. Modern systems have been incorporated with the latest technologies in all processes, respecting the good work of winemakers and achieving year after year nationally and internationally recognized wines.

Currently our winery produces red wines: young, aged, reservations, author and selected vintage.




"pesquera, cradle of ribera del duero"

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Our commitment is to continue making our wines, following the family tradition and under the strict regulations of the D.O. Ribera del Duero



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